Accessing Banner PROD – Java Security Warnings/Banner INB Security Information

When logging into Banner you receive a Java security warning message.

Step 1. When you see the message below, click NO. If you click Yes, Banner will not appear correctly, and you will need to contact the Support Desk to clear out your Java Security Certificates.

Step 2. If you are presented with the Information Bar at the top of Internet Explorer, asking whether to run Java SE Runtime, click on the Bar, then click on Run. You will be presented with one more question about whether to run oracle.forms. Click on the checkbox to “Always trust content from this publisher” then click on Run.

Step 3. Allow Add-on.
Step 4. Click Run.

Step 5. Select Always trust content from this publisher > select Run.

Banner INB Security Information

As a result of Oracle updates on SSB and INB, you may see the following prompts when you login to Banner INB. These are a result of Ellucian providing part of the application in a secure manner and other parts that are not. This is not an issue with the application, please respond to the prompts below in the following way.
This is specific for employees only.

Step 1. Response to the below prompt should be Yes.

Step 2. After entering your credentials, the following box will appear. Click No.

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