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Accessing Individual’s Voice Mail (Off Campus)

To access Individual’s voice mail from off campus please follow the below steps

  • Dial your CCCS phone number (for instance, 7208582705 – but that is just an example – use your own number here)
  • Phone will ring; wait for Voice Mail (VM) system to answer.
  • When the VM system answers, it will say the extension is unavailable. Press the star key (*)
  • You will receive the prompt – “Enter your ID followed by #”.
  • Enter your 7 digit extension followed by # (for instance, you would dial 8582705# – but this is just an example so use your own number here too.)
  • You will receive the prompt – “Enter your password followed by #”.
  • Enter your VM password and # (xxxxx#)
  • You will now be in the Unity voice mail system. The system will provide menu prompts for available options such as your message settings or listening to voice mail.


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