Accessing Your D2L Email / Internal Messaging

You access your D2L Email / Internal Messaging tool from the D2L Email link on your top navigation bar.

  1. To review your messages click on the Inbox folder under the Folder List.
  1. After choosing the Inbox, make sure to select All Messages from the “Filter By:” dropdown menu.
  1. Click on the Subject line of the email message you want to read.

Note: Sometimes your Message Preview Pane (located at the bottom of the screen) may not display properly because it is stuck at the bottom of the screen and appears as a small slice of the screen. To correct this, take your mouse and rest it on top of the gray bar that is just above Message Preview and then hold down the Left mouse button and drag it up the screen so that you can see the message. You can also change your Settings from the Message Preview pane to Viewing Messages in a New Window.

Note: If a student is calling and can’t access their D2L email / Internal Messaging due to the error message, “You are not authorized”, the student most likely has a quiz in progress. When a student has a quiz in progress they will not have access to their D2L email / Internal Messaging . The student must finish the quiz before they will be granted access to their D2L email / Internal Messaging

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