Brightspace By D2L Mobile Overview

When you log into Brightspace by D2L using your mobile device (e.g., Droid, iPad, iPod/iPhone, or Blackberry), the mobile site will automatically display. From the mobile site, you can:

  • View global and course-specific announcement items
  • View your list of courses and their Content items
  • View course events (if the D2L Calendar/Schedule is used by your instructor)
  • Participate in discussions
  • Check your grades
  • Create bookmarks for quicker access to content

Use the Tools button on left side of the mobile screen to select a tool.
Use the selection arrow on the right side of the Tool bar to select your course.
Please note that due to some limitations with D2L mobile and mobile devices, you may not be able to complete all your course work with D2L mobile.
The following tools are not currently available on the mobile site:

  • Assignment
  • Chat
  • Classlist
  • Groups
  • Quizzes

To view the full (desktop) version of D2L on your mobile device, click the Desktop Version link at the bottom of the mobile site’s page.


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