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CCCOnline has implemented a new method for students to learn about academic integrity (AI) and acknowledge they read about AI. The information below is for instructors and explains both sides (e.g., student and instructor) of the new method.

The module provides students with:

  • Links to CCCOnline’s Academic Integrity Policies.
  • A video message about Academic Integrity.

A Quiz for students to acknowledge they agree to the policies.

When will students see the Academic Integrity Module?
Step 1. Students will log into D2L.

Step 2. Students will be presented with a pop-up window requesting that they review the information and affirm their understanding of the policies. This can also be accessed from the Mandatory: Day One Checklist within the Start Here! module in Content.

What does the Academic Integrity Quiz look like?

Instructor Questions:

  • Instructors will not see the Academic Integrity Module on their My Home page or receive the pop-up window when they log in.
  • There is no automatic notification to Instructors if students have completed the Academic Integrity Quiz.
  • Student’s will still have access to their course no matter how or if they complete the Academic Integrity Quiz.
  • Jenny Grade does not see the Academic Integrity Module widget or pop up window.
  • The Academic Integrity Module results are being recorded by Student Services.

What do Instructor’s need to do in regards to the Academic Integrity Module?

  • Encourage students to review the information and complete the quiz
  • Check with their Program Chair for questions or more specific information on the Academic Integrity Module.
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