Change Personal Account Info – Self Service Banner (SSB)

User wishes to change or view personal account information.

Self Service Banner (SSB) is accessed via links within the caller’s college portal. Use the portal tab (e.g., student, faculty, employee, etc.) appropriate to your role at the college…” Depending on the role, the information will vary.
If users wish to change their name on their student record, they need to do so through the Registrar’s office at their home school; they will apply whatever the normal school requirements are for name changes.


Personal Information – Can view and update information including their PIN, Security Question and Answer, Addresses and Phones, Email Addresses (all official contact will be through school provided email) Emergency Contacts as well as information to change name and social security.

Student Records Menu – Can view holds, midterm grades, final grades, advising transcripts, unofficial transcripts, view status of Official Transcript Requests, view course catalog, view class schedule, and view student information.

Student Account Menu – Can view FACTS Deferred Payment Plan, billing statement, tax notifications and view holds.


Faculty Menu: Term Selection, Course Selection, Faculty Detail Schedule, Week at a Glance, Detail Class List, Summary Class List, Detail Wait List, Summary Wait list, Midterm Grades, Final Grades, Faculty Permission, Active Work Assignments, Assignment History, Class Schedule, Course Catalog, Syllabus Information, Office Hours and Look Up Classes.

Advisor Menu: Term Selection, ID Selection, Student Advising and Unofficial Transcripts, Advisee Listing, Add or Drop Classes, Look Up Classes and Course Catalog

Student Information Menu: Student Menu, Term Selection, ID Selection, Registration Overrides, Add or Drop Classes, Active Registrations, Registration History, Test Scores, and View Holds.


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