Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows

Installing from Software Center

Note: Please make sure you are either on campus, or are connected to VPN before attempting to install this software using Software Center. If you have trouble installing this software, please contact the IT Support Desk for assistance.

  • For Windows 10, Click the magnifying glass and search for and select Software Center.
  • For Windows 7, click the Windows Logo button and search for and select Software Center.

  • Locate and click on the Cisco Webex meetings tile.

  • Click the Install button and wait for the install to finish.

Starting Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Double Click the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop Icon.

  • On the initial page, click Next. (If you are asked to enter a site, the site is: cccs-meetings.webex.com )

  • Enter your email address in the field and click Next.

  • Enter your S number and password.

  • The Cisco Webex Meetings app should open. You may be asked to perform an update. Choose Update Now or Remind Me Tomorrow.

Scheduling a Meeting Using Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Click the calendar icon in the bottom menu

  • Clicking the ‘+’ to schedule a new meeting

  • Add your Attendees in the To… field.
  • Give your meeting a Subject.
  • Choose your Video Scheduling room (if necessary). (See the Room Scheduling Guide for more details.)
  • Click Send when finished.

  • If you don’t see your meeting right away, click the Refresh Arrow next to the Meetings heading.

Setting Meeting Preferences

  • To change meeting options, click the Change Settings icon

  • On the Audio and Tracking Tab, you can update the password to something friendly and decide if you want an Exit/Entry tone.

  • On the Registration Tab, you can require registration to the event.

  • On the Resources Tab, you can choose an alternate host and upload a presentation to display before the host starts the meeting.

  • Click OK to save any changes.

Joining a Meeting

  • To join a meeting, click the green Join button in the Cisco Webex Meetings Calendar Tab window.

  • Or wait until the Webex Meeting Reminder countdown finishes and click the Join Meeting button.

  • Or use the Join Webex Meeting information in your email invite.


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