D2L – Allow a student Special Access to Submit a Quiz

  • Click the Quizzes tool
  • From the Quiz List section > Click the Quiz title that the student needs access to
  • Click the Restrictions tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window to the Special Access section

  • Click the Allow selected users special access to this quiz radio button (Note: choosing Allow only users with special access to see this quiz may interrupt access for other students in the course if the due date has not passed.)
  • Click the Add Users to Special Access button
  • In the Special Access Properties make the appropriate changes to the quiz settings. For example: To extend the due date for the student, change the End Date; uncheck the Display in Schedule checkbox
  • To increase the allotted amount of time on the exam such as double time on the quiz, click the Enforced time limit radio button in the Timing section>Set the new allotted time

  • In the Users section, locate the student or students who needs special access to the quiz > Click the checkbox the left of the student’s name to make the selection > Click the Add Special Access button at the bottom of the Users list. (In the Advanced Availability section you should see the special access criteria.)
  • Scroll to the bottom of page > Click Save and Close. (This is an IMPORTANT step to ensure that the special access is retained for the Quiz.)
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