D2L Content “Not Authorized” Error

The reason for the error is that there are links in Content to a tool (e.g., quiz and checklist) that was deactivated.

  1. Activate the tool (e.g., quiz or checklist)
  2. Exit D2L.
  3. Clear cache and cookies.
  4. Close all browser windows.
  5. Enter D2L again.
  6. Click Content.
  7. Delete all links to the tool (e.g., quiz or checklist)
    1. For example: delete all quiz links if the instructor wants to deactivate the Quiz tool
  8. Deactivate the tool (e.g., quiz or checklist)
  9. Exit D2L.
  10. Clear cache and cookies.
  11. Close all browser windows.
  12. Enter D2L again.
  13. To confirm the error, go to Content.
    1. If no error when viewing Content, issue is resolved.
    2. If error continues, direct caller to exit D2L, close their browser and restart their computer. The steps above will need to be repeated when the computer has restarted.


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