D2L – Course Content

Content allows you to view relevant materials your instructor has posted. These materials can range from a simple text file to complex multimedia files.

The Content area can be accessed by clicking the Content link located on the course navbar as shown below. Materials for the course are commonly posted in the content area.
Once you access the Content tool by clicking Content on your course navbar, you are taken to a Table of Contents page, from which you can interact with course content through several methods.

Retrieving all course content from the Content tool
Do one of the following on the Table of Contents page to access course content offline:

  • To download all course content in a .zip file, click the Download button.
  • To send course content to your iPad, click Send to Binder.

Accessing content within the Content tool:
If you work through course content online within the Content tool, you can access bookmarked content and follow course events from Bookmarks and Upcoming Events areas.

The Table of Contents link enables you to browse course materials and assignments and keep track of your progress, since the number beside a module indicates how many topics within the module you need to complete. The number decreases as you work through course materials.
Use the Table of Contents panel to view a specific module or sub-module directly.

Viewing content
If you click on a .doc, .docx, .rtf, .rtfx, or .pdf file topic , you can preview it in a document viewer on the topic’s page.

Collapsible side panel within topics
You can access content through a smaller version of the Table of Contents within a topic by opening the collapsible side panel, which only shows the contents of one module at a time. Click or swipe the side tab handle to open the side panel.
Note: The swipe-to-open action for the collapsible side panel is not available on the Nexus 7 device.
Browse through modules by clicking the Previous module or Next: [module name], or click the Go to Table of Contents icon to return to the Table of Contents page

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