D2L Demo Student

Instructor wants to see how students view their course.

Instructors can impersonate a Demo Student that is enrolled in all classes. The name of the Demo student will vary at each college.

Step 1. Access D2L and click on any class in the Instructor tab in the My Courses widget on the first page.
Step 2. Once in the class, click on the Classlist link in the tool bar near the top of the page. Demo Student is enrolled in all classes, and will be visible in the Classlist.
Step 3. The instructor has the ability to impersonate the Demo Student. In the Classlist, scroll down until the Demo Student is visible. Click on the drop down option, and select Impersonate

Step 4. After clicking on the Impersonate option, an alert appears that the instructor role will be suspended while impersonating the Demo Student.

Step 5. When finished impersonating the Demo Student, choose the Demo Student name and click the X to return to Instructor mode.

When impersonating the Demo Student, instructors do not have the ability to explore any other course but the one in which they accessed the Demo Student. To explore another class, the instructor must restore their instructor role, navigate to another course, and impersonate the Demo Student in that class. Instructors do not have the ability to impersonate any other person or role other than Demo Student in D2L

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