D2L Internal Messaging Overview

The D2L Internal Messaging tool will be familiar to you because it is similar to other email tools you have used. There are areas for new messages, sent messages, draft messages and deleted messages, and so on.

Best Practices

  • To email an entire class or a member of a specific class, use the Classlist tool instead.
  • Since email is global in D2L, there is a sorting feature (Filter By:) option to allow you to see which mails come in associated from different courses in D2L. However, it is best practice for you AND your students to always include the course prefix and number in the Subject of all emails. (e.g., ENG100) so that the recipient can easily identify which course the mail pertains to… if you teach multiple sections of a course in a term, you may want to also include the section numbers (e.g., ENG100 C11).
  • When emailing Students, or other Faculty, always model good netiquette. A good resource on Email netiquette is Virgina Shae’s Core Rules of Netiquette available at http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html
  • Rather than answer similar questions repeatedly from Students, consider using a “Ask the Instructor” Discussion where answers can benefit other Students.
  • Email in D2L is attached to the user, not the course even though you can filter by course.


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