Assignment Overview

Assignments are submitted in the Assignment Folder. After an assignment is submitted, Faculty can download a zip folder with the assignment files, sort assignments by Student, verify submission times, evaluate assignments by grading and including feedback, and even return the assignment with comments. Stated another way, the Assignment tool is a powerful tool used to manage assignments in your courses.

Best Practices

  • The Assignment Folder is a great place to send large files. Consider creating a Assignment called “File Exchange” where you and Students can exchange large files.
  • If you set Restrictions for a Assignment so that it is visible in the Schedule, remember to name the item with your course name (e.g., HIS 101) so the item is easily identified in the Events widget and from the Schedule tool.
  • Have Students submit a “fun” no or low-point assignment to a Assignment before the first official large-point Assignment item is due. This will help you and Students identify issues they may have using the tool “before it really counts”. Diagnosing such issues early can save everyone a lot of aggravation later. One idea is to use a bonus or low-point Virtual Scavenger Hunt where students hunt for important course information about the class using the course Syllabus and submit to a Assignment.


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