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Faculty – 401 Error When Changing a Tool Date

Faculty receives a 401 error while trying to change the date on a tool, such as a quiz, discussion, or drop box, it may be the link to an inactive calendar.

Error message: Error: Not Authorized

You are not authorized to view the page you are trying to reach. If you believe you encountered this page in error, and that you should have access to the resource you are trying to access, contact technical support.
Error: HTML 401 – Not authorized.


This error is occurring because the Calendar tool is disabled within the course.
(Note: The quiz start and end dates are likely set to be shown within the calendar, but because this tool is disabled, the error occurs as it does not have permissions to amend the calendar entry.)
To enable the Calendar tool:

  1. Go to Edit Course.
  2. Tools.
  3. Locate the Calendar tool.
  4. Click the status button to Turn tool on [checkmark should show].
  5. User should return to the tool where the error occurred.
  6. User can then make changes to the start and end dates.


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