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Grades – MyCCA Grading Instructions Via Portal


A CCA faculty member needs to enter grades via Portal.


Have the user perform the following steps:

Step 1. Log in to your MyCCA account by entering your User Name (your S number) and your password.

Step 2. Click on the Faculty tab.

Step 3. Go to the Faculty Grade Assignment channel on the right hand side.

Step 4. Next to the course you wish to grade click on the symbol and this will bring up your grade roster.
Step 5. Grade every student using the drop down menu next to their name with the earned grade (Grade Scale below). If you do not grade every student, you will see a symbol which indicates grades are missing for that course. Grading Scale: A = Excellent, B= Above Average, C = Average, D – Below Average, F = Failing

Assigning an F grade: When issuing an F grade you are required to enter the Last Attend Date (aka: Last Date of Attendance).
Step 1. Assign an F grade using the drop down menu next to the student’s name.
Step 2. Enter a Last Attend Date: In the column labeled Last Attend Date, enter the last date of attendance for the student in format MM/DD/YYYY.
Step 3. No Show students: If a student has never participated in class, enter a Last Attend Date as the first day of the class and enter a “0.0” zero for Attend Hours. If the student participated in only the first session, enter the appropriate hours student participated. Example below:

Incomplete Grade Contracts: Please submit signed Incomplete Contracts to your Department Dean by the grades due date. The Incomplete Contract is located under the Faculty tab in the Faculty Forms Channel. You will not be able to enter incomplete grades online.

Students will see their grades the day after they have been posted. Do not forget to turn in your grade records electronically to your Department’s Administrative Assistants. Please call Valerie at 303-360-4704 if you have questions.


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