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Hands On Lab (HOL) Instructions for CCCOnline Science Classes

This article provides information on the Hands On Lab (HOL) instructions given for CCCOnline science classes.

Here are a few tips to help Instructors manage LabBridge lab reports.

  1. Students are responsible for all of their work and should retain copies of the Report pages and Data Table Templates for each lab. Students are able to receive PDF copies of their reports by clicking on the “E-mail” button on the Report page of each section and entering their email address.
  2. Students must always post their work via the CCCOnline submission method (D2L  Assignment). The following instructions are provided on the Report page of each section to direct students to post their reports via the instructor’s preferred method:
3. If necessary, instructors should remind their students that their work is not completed until it has been submitted to the appropriate Assignment location in the science course.
4. Instructors will still receive automated e-mails alerting them when students have completed the Exploration, Experimentation, and Evaluation sections. We suggest setting up an e-mail filter that will automatically tag and move all automatically generated report emails to a designated folder.  For example, for instructors with Outlook, incoming emails can be filtered by setting up rules. Here’s a link for setting up rules for filters in Outlook: . These are not to be substituted for any student not submitting work to the D2L Assignment.


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