How to Create and Upload Videos Using YuJa

Follow the below mentioned steps:

Note: All the steps outlined below can also be viewed in this guide tutorial

  • Open your course homepage > Click YuJa Video on the top navigation bar.

  • Click Create Recording

  • If you have not downloaded YuJa Software Station yet, click Download to download and install

  • Once YuJa Software Station has been installed on your computer, click Start to begin capturing video.

  • In the pop-up window you will be asked to set up your camera, microphone, and screen (if you are sharing your screen). Click Start to begin recording your video.

  • To stop recording, click on the red square button located on the bottom right of your screen.

  • Click Upload & Manage

  • Double-click on Default Collection to see if your video has been uploaded. NOTE: It should take about 5 minutes or less for your video to show

  • Once your video has been uploaded, it is ready to be added anywhere in the course where you have an Insert Stuff link (like in a Discussion)
    • For example: Click on the Discussions tool in the top navigation bar
    • Click Start a New Thread in your desired Discussion Topic.
    • Click the Insert Stuff icon
    • Choose YuJa Media Chooser
    • Scroll down and click on the video you wish to share
    • Click Insert
    • Post your thread
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