Issues Deleting Grade Items (Assignment, Discussions and Quiz)

Instructor is having issues deleting items from their D2L course.

Note: If the grade book item is being used by a Quiz or a Assignment folder, you will not be able to delete it until you have removed its association with the quiz or Assignment folder that is using it.

Have the instructor follow the following sequence to remove the item(s).

  • Delete the associated Quiz or Assignment folder in its corresponding section. To un-associate a Quiz or Assignment folder see Gradebook Changes.
  • Go to Grades>Manage Grades

  • Click the More Actions button. Select Delete.

  • Simply select the checkbox to the left of the Grade Item/Category and then select the Delete button. Deleting any grade item will permanently delete any grades entered into the system.

  • A dialog box asking if you are sure you want to delete will pop up, just click OK to delete.

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