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The preferred method to login to D2L is by first logging in to your Home College (College that you initially registered at) Portal (Login to College Portal) Next click on the Student tab. At the top left will be a link to your Home College D2L courses and a link to your CCCOnline D2L courses.
If the College Portal is not available due to maintenance or an outage, you can go to the direct login page for D2L for the college where you are taking online courses.

Any classes that have a section that begins with a “C” (such as C11, C12, C21, C22, etc) are courses through CCCOnline.
PCC LTN (Library Technician) courses are the exception to this rule.  LTN students should log in to PCC Desire2Learn.
The Username or User ID (the label may vary by college) will be your Student ID beginning with a capital “S” and contains 8 digits. If you don’t know your Student ID, also known as SID or S#, there is a link on each login page for a self-recovery of Username.
The Password is the same as your College Portal password. If you are unsure of your current password, use the “Forgot Password?” link on the D2L login page. You will need to answer a security question that you previously created when setting up your Portal account.

***PLEASE NOTE*** When you change the password with this method, this will also change your College Portal Password.
If you are unable to do the self recovery of either your S# or your Password, please call 1-888-800-9198 (toll free) for further assistance.

Arapahoe Community College
Colorado Community Colleges Online
Colorado Northwestern Community College
Community College of Aurora
Community College of Denver
Front Range Community College
Lamar Community College
Morgan Community College
Northeastern Junior College
Otero Junior College
Pikes Peak Community College
Pueblo Community College
Red Rocks Community College
Trinidad State Junior College

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