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Luminis Overlay – Capturing Student Intent and Current Contact Information

Luminis Overlay Overview

This will be a pop-up that shows up on the student’s home college portal twice a year, the first time they login after August 1st and then again, the first time they login after January 1st.

FAQ’s related to Luminus Overlay

Q: When will it be available?
Ans: This overlay will be shown to students each time they log into the portal until they have confirmed both their academic program and contact information. Students can skip these confirmation steps by closing the overlay, they will again be asked to confirm this information the next time they log into the portal.

Q: Which Academic Information?
Ans: The information which is shown to students is the same which students can access themselves through Self Service Banner. Students can update their academic information by following the instructions that colleges have provided. These instructions are college specific and are attached for your reference.

Q: Contact Information
Ans: The contact information which is shown is also the same information that students can access through Self Service Banner. Updating contact information uses the delivered SSB functionality to update contact information.

Q: If there are problems?
Ans: We have the ability to disable this functionality if it becomes apparent on August 1st that there are performance issues with the portal due to the background processes which are run as part of this overlay.

If students are being shown the incorrect academic information on their overlay.

  • Provide the S#, a screenshot of the correct record as it appears on the Banner SGASTDN form to the CCCS-IT Help Desk.

If students are being shown incorrect contact information.

  • Provide their S# and a screenshot of what should be their current contact information.


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