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Manage Files Overview

From the Manage Files tool, Instructors can organize and upload files and perform several types of functions including Organizing and Managing Files and Folders, which includes such things creating, deleting, copying, and moving files and folders. There are also advanced tasks available from Manage Files, such as changing file and folder properties, zipping and unzipping files and Creating Topics from your Files.

Best Practices

  • The CCCOnline Instructional Design Team strongly encourages instructors to organize files into folders and to choose an appropriate Path for a file if uploading one to your course in the Manage Files area or from the Content view.
  • Keep file names short (about 15 characters).
  • Avoid using multiple consecutive periods (…) when naming folders or files. This is known to cause links to break. Instead, use an underscore ( _ ) to space between words in a name. For example: my_new_file.html would be a good file name to use instead of my…new…file.html.


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