MLP – Pearson MyMathLab/MyStatLab (MML/MSL) Instructions

Adjust Quiz Settings for Students who need more time.

  1. Enter the MML course>Click MML Instructor Tools in left Nav bar
  2. In the right window>MyMathLab Instructor Tools>Click MML Gradebook
  3. From the Gradebook, Class Roster>Click the student’s name who needs more time on Quizzes and/or Exams
  4. Locate the Quiz or Exam in the list of assignments, in the Action column>Click the dropdown list>Choose Settings Per Student INSERT MML_SETTINGSPERSTUDENT
  5. Click Go
  6. The Individual Student Settings window loads>Click the Use Individual Student Settings radio>Update the time limit and other settings INSERT MML_INDIVIDUALSETTINGS
  7. Click OK to save

Add a Quiz Attempt for an individual student

  1. Go to the MML/MSL Instructor Tools from the left navigation menu under Course Home
  2. Click the MML/MSL Homework/Test Manager link
  3. A list of all assignments for the course will appear, go the assignment you want to change>In the Action column, Click the dropdown menu>Select Settings Per Student>Click Go
  4. Click the gray bar-Add/Remove Students from List>Select the student who needs an assignment change and move their name to the right window-Students with Individual Settings>Click OK
  5. The assignment settings should now appear, make the appropriate updates. For example: change the number of attempts to 2 or change the Time Limit
  6. Click Update

Not able to review the homework problems that a student has completed

  1. Go in to MML>Click the MML Instructor Tools>Click Homework/Test Manager
  2. In the toolbar below the Homework/Test Manager heading>Click the drop down arrow and select Change Settings for Multiple Assignments
  3. In the Assignment Type drop down>Choose Homework Assignments
  4. In the Presentation Options section>Check the Save Values checkbox
  5. Click Apply Settings button in the lower right corner. This will allow students to review their answers.

Note: This setting can not be applied to any assignment that was already started.

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