MLP – Setting Up MyLabsPlus > D2L Grade Sync (CCCOnline Only)

Using the MyLabsPlus to D2L Grade Sync

  • Enter the Faculty Gateway-Locate the CCCO Faculty Resources widget>Click Faculty Gateway from the MyHome page in D2L.

  • From the Faculty Gateway>Click the Connect MyLabs+ to D2L gradebook link.

  • From the Transfer Grades window>Click the Map MyLabs+ grades to D2L in the Actions column.

  • Click Reload if you are not seeing the D2L columns>Click OK to confirm Reload.

  • In the MLP Assignment column>Click the dropdown arrow next the D2L Gradebook Column you want to map>Select the correct MyLabs grade column item from the dropdown list.

  • Click Submit when finished.


  • MLP grades > D2L gradebook Sync Times: The sync time frame for the MLP>D2L grade sync  best case scenario: grades posts to MyLabs prior to 3:30 a.m. should show up in D2L mid-day, grades posted to MyLabs  after 4:00 a.m. should show up in D2L mid-day the following day.
  • Always verify the grades that come over from MyLabs to D2L to be sure they are correct. The percentages for each assignment should match not the total points.
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