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Multi-Institution Association Registration

Some active students may have associations with multiple CCCS institutions and need assistance changing the registration location within the portal. 

In the default portal channels on the two screen shots below for the Student and Student Finance tabs (e.g. Registration Tools, Personal Information, Academic Profile, Financial Aid Awards, My Account, etc.), students associated with more than one CCCS college will see one of their institutions. For example: “Institution: Arapahoe Community College.”

If a student is active at both ACC and another CCCS college logs into the non-ACC portal, they likely will see “Institution: Arapahoe Community College” since ACC went live on the portal first.  When the student clicks on the “Add or Drop Classes” link in the Registration Tools channel, the SSB screen will show Arapahoe Community College.

To change the institution:
Step 1. In the Student tab within the Academic Profile section, the student should click on the school name after the word “Institution:
Step 2. The screen will refresh and a list of the schools with which the student has an association will appear.
Step 3. Select the appropriate institution.
NOTE:  The next time the student logs into the other institution’s portal, the channels stay set at whatever they were last changed to.  For example, the student who logged into CCA’s portal and changed the institution to select CCA from ACC, will have to change the institution back to ACC the next time they log into ACC’s portal.

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