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Navigating Students Through Hands On Labs (HOL)

This article provides instructions on how to navigate CCCOnline students through Hands On Labs (HOL) LabBridge.

Step 1. Each experiment consists of three sections: Exploration, Experimentation, and Evaluation. Students must complete the sections in order.
Step 2. Students begin by selecting the highlighted Exploration section.

Step 3. Notes and Navigation tips:

  1. Time allocations are clearly stated for each section.
  2. The Exploration and Evaluation portions do not require access to laboratory equipment and can be completed away from home via mobile device.
  3. The Experimentation section requires materials in the LabBridge kit and a safe working environment.
  4. Use the “>” icon to advance. Use the “>” icon (Back button) to return to the previous menu.
  5. Use the “home” icon to return to the main menu.

Step 4. “Test Your Knowledge!” Questions help students identify existing knowledge.  Students should complete all answers before selecting the “commit” icon.

Step 5. Use the “>” icon to advance to the answer screen.

  • On the answer screen, the students can identify which of their selections were correct.
  • Continue to advance through the remaining “Test Your Knowledge!” Questions using the “>” and commit icons.

Step 6. Laboratory topics are introduced and described upon completion of the “Test Your Knowledge!” questions.

  • Diagrams, pictures, and graphics are included throughout the text.
  • “Question Time” exercises are included for each topic.

Step 7. Students should check their answers after selections are made.

Step 8. Review the provided lab report.

  • The “Feedback for My Instructor” box allows students to enter additional information to their instructor.
  • Select the “submit” icon to transmit the report to the instructor.
  • Students may also email or print a copy for their records.

Step 9. Use the “Home” icon to return the main menu to access the Experimentation section.
Step 10. After reviewing the time allocation and summary page, use the “>” icon to advance to the materials screen which includes:

  • Equipment within the LabBridge Solutions kit
  • Common household items, and Downloadable data template.
  • Note: Students need to retrieve all items before advancing.

Step 11. Students need to download the data temple before beginning the experiment. It serves as a repository for tables, photos, and graphs for the experiment.
Step 12. A variety of tools: instructional videos (when applicable), background information (icon), laboratory notebook (icon), photographs, and step by step instructions are provided to facilitate the completion of experiments.

  • Students should select the referenced icons to familiarize themselves with the icons’ functions.

Step 13. Assessments follow each procedure.

  • Students may reference the background information panel, lab notes, and data table materials to complete their answers.
  •  Students use the “>” icon to advance to the next screen.

Step 14. Advise students to review all answers and provide feedback for their instructor before submitting their lab report.

  • Students must manually upload photos, graphs, and data tables to accompany the report as described in the “important information” box.
  • Students are to contact their instructor for clarification.
  • Note: See Article –  HOL Instructions for CCCOnline Science Classes for tips that instructors can give to students.
Step 15. Use the “Home” icon to access the Evaluation module.
Step 16. The Evaluation section consists of sort-answer and essay questions that allow students to demonstrate knowledge gained in the Exploration and Experimentation modules.
Step 17. Students should review their answers before selecting the “submit” icon. Submission of this lab report completes the experiment.


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