Office 365 Auto-Update and 2013 Availability

Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions can auto-update to Office 2016. Office 2016 very unlikely to work properly with MyITLab.
This article briefly covers a solution on how to downgrade students back to Office 2013.


With Office 2016 now being available, it has caused trouble for students taking CIS118, 135, 145 & 155 where Office 2013 is the required product. Below is information on how to revert back to Office 2013 if students download 2016 instead for these courses.

Probe students for the Office version & follow the steps in the URL below if they are using Office 2016.

Most of the home colleges are still on Office 2013. Some of the home colleges (FRCC for example) offer Office free, so students can also contact IT at their college or check in their college registration portal for more information.

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