D2L- Pearson MyLabsPlus Access

Using MyLabsPlus [MLP]

Many courses use MyLabsPlus which include an eTexts and additional digital content from the Pearson publisher. Use the following links to assist you when accessing MyLabsPlus.

CCCOnline courses do NOT use an access code to gain entry to MyLabsPlus products and are not required to enter a username/login name and password.

Run the Pearson Browser Tuneup

Use the link below to determine if your browser is supported and has the proper plug-ins to access your Pearson product


What are the correct browser settings for MyLabsPlus?

Browser Settings Part I: Students and instructors need to make sure their browsers are set as follows:
[IMPORTANT: Once you make these browser changes, restart your computer in order for the changes to take affect]

Pop up Blockers Part 2: Turn off all pop up blockers including additional toolbar pop up blockers, for example a google or yahoo toolbar.

Use the following Pearson support link. In the Website section>Click the dropdown arrow and choose the Pearson product your course is using. [A new window will load the system requirement information and possibly a browser check-be sure you pop up blockers are turned off]

Pearson System Requirements Support Link


Pearson Tech Support Information

If you are experience issues accessing your MyLabsPlus course or eText, visit Pearson Tech Support at http://247support.custhelp.com/ and use Chat or Email.

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