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Portal – Login FAQ

Students, Faculty and Staff may call for assistance accessing their college portal.

  • Popup blockers will need to be turned off
  • Each school will be having their own link to the Portal. Which ever portal they log in through, they will see that school’s name and design across the top.
    • Users will be able to log in to ANY Portal and see their personal information
  • Users will use their S# and password
  • First login will require them to create answers to security questions (this will also happen when their password is reset)
  • There will be a security notice (about displaying both secure and non-secure information) that pops up when accessing certain tabs.
    • Security setting needs to be changed to display mixed content
      • Firefox will display a message the first time logging in with an unmarked checkbox. This box should be left blank to avoid the message every time. To turn on or off in Firefox– Tools>Options>Security>Warning Messages>Settings. Uncheck the box for “I’m about to view an encrypted page that contains some unencrypted information”. Click OK. Click OK.
      • IE will have the setting on to show the warning by default. to turn off in IE– Tools>Internet Options>Security>Internet>Custom Level>Miscellaneous>Show Mixed Content. Choose Enable
  • The current tab will be identifiable by the darker color. The other tabs will be lighter. (The colors may vary by school as each school has the ability to custom design their own portal)


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