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Descriptions of course codes for Pikes Peak CC
Online courses have an N in them. For example, 1N1, 1N2, etc.

  • 1Nx courses are 15 week courses
  • 2Nx courses are first bi-semester eight-week courses, usually FST courses. 3Nx courses are second bi-semester sections.

All hybrid courses have an H in the section number. For example, 1H1, 2H1, etc.
Weekend courses typically have 3H1 as a section number.

Military hybrid course section numbers begin with the number 9. For example, 9H1, 9H2, etc. PPC no longer runs separate online sections for the military.

Late start online section numbers begin with a 4. For example, 4N1, 4N2, etc. On campus late start courses have no specific course section code. Therefore, verify the course start date in Banner and advise student the course will be available in D2L on the start date.
Example course codes with section numbers:

  • CIS 268 1H1 – An H in the middle of the section indicates a hybrid class.
  • CIS 155 1N1 – An N in the middle of the section number indicates a PPCC fully online class.
  • CIS 118 3H1 – A 3H typically indicates a weekend course.


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