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PPCC – Getting Started with your Online Course

Check your detailed student schedule for your course start dates.

Step 1. Go to and log in.
Step 2. Click on the Student tab and then on the name of your course in the upper left portion of the page under Student Schedule. This will take you to your D2L homepage. Click the name of the class again on the D2L homepage to access materials for that course.
Step 3. If you have trouble accessing the myPPCC Portal go directly to for ppccConnect or for CCC Online course log-in.

(Basic navigation runs horizontally right under the ppccConnect (or CCC Online) logo.)
Step 1. Click on Content to access the course units and documents that your instructor has included in the class.
Step 2. You can get to assignments directly by clicking on Assignment; there are also direct links to Discussions and Quizzes. However, always begin with the Content link or you may miss important information regarding your assignment or quiz.
Step 3.The link for Email is above the ppccConnect logo. Use it to access your email inbox. To communicate with your instructor or fellow students in your class, it is recommended that you use the Classlist to send an email so that you can also see the first name of your email recipient (Classlist is located on the same blue course navigation tool bar as Content).

Log into your classes within the first three days of class and do whatever your instructor requires to verify that you are taking the course. Usually that means sending an email and/or participating in the first discussion.  ppccConnect and CCC Online courses are generally NOT open entry/exit or self-paced, and you may have an assignment due the first week. Your instructor should also submit a no-show list to drop students that they have not heard from during the first week.

At campus bookstores
: Most books for ppccConnect sections are the same as for traditional sections. Check at the bookstore to make sure. Remember that ppccConnect classes have an N in the section number (ENG 121-1N3, for instance), so look for N labels on the bookstore shelves.

  • All books are available at Centennial Campus.
  • Rampart Range and Downtown Studio bookstores have some books for online classes; contact bookstore personnel about specific materials.

CCC Online books are often different than PPCC textbooks, they are available in a special section at both the Centennial and Rampart Range Campuses.

Order online at All texts are available for both ppccConnect and CCC Online sections. The bookstore accepts Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

Step 1. Log into D2L, on your D2L Homepage.
Step 2. Click on Self Registration(under the PPCC Logo next to your name).
Step 3. Choose the Student Orientation Course Welcome to eLearning-Internet and Hybrid Students.
Step 4. After you click on the name of the course a new screen appears:

  1. View Course Offering Information.
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Once you have clicked on Register your user information will appear on a new screen.
  4. Enter Registration Information. Your information will already be filled in.
  5. Click Submit and you will be taken a new page.
  6. Click Finish on the Confirmation page.The next screen is the Registration Summary. Click Done and you will be taken back to your D2L Homepage.

Note:  *This orientation opens when registration begins and closes a week after the semester ends. It may be accessed by any PPCC student with a D2L log-in. The information applies to ppccConnect, PPCC Hybrid or CCC Online courses.

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