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Profile Overview

Profile Overview

From the Profile tool, Instructors and Learners can adjust settings for General Preferences, Appearance and Accessibility, Language and Region, Discussions, Email, and the Pager. The Preferences are unique to each user (i.e., an Instructor cannot control Learners’ Preferences for a course). The Profile tool is a quick way to get to know other users in D2L! The profile tool is global, which means whatever is in your profile becomes visible to users in every course in which you are enrolled.

Best Practices

  • Remember that students may have different preference settings than you in areas such as Email or Discussion and those tools give access to their settings from within the tools as well. You may want to include a beginning of term announcement reminding students to check their preferences so they know they have these options.
  • Profile images should be no larger than 100×100.
  • Be cautious about how much information you share in your profile.
  • Advise Students to complete basic information, but allow them to choose how much information to share with the user community.
    Use good grammar and spelling in profile information to set a good example for Students.
  • Students may not feel comfortable posting an image in the Profile, nor may you. Your school may or may not have a policy stating that there must be an actual image. However, uploading some image is strongly encouraged. A pet, nature scene, or other image will do… be sure to consider copyright of the image you use! Advise Students to use only appropriate images in their profile.


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