CCCS Portal

Release Final Calculated Grade to Students

  1. Click the Grades tool
  2. In the Grades Area>Click Manage Grades
  3. Scroll down the page>Click the action triangle to the right of the Final Calculated Grade in the Grades List>Choose Enter Grades
  4. To release all of the student’s final calculated grades>Click the checkbox located at the top left of the table [Be sure it shows Release Final Calculated Grade in the column. If Final Calculated Grade is not showing, run the Grade Setup Wizard.
  5. Click the Release/Unrelease link

Scroll to the bottom of the page>Click Save>In the confirmation window>Click Yes.

NOTE: To verify the student’s Final Calculated Grade is visible to students>Click Assessment>Click Grades; from the Enter Grades screen scroll to the right and locate the Final Calculated Grade column>Look for the “eye” icon, see below.


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