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Run the Grade Setup Wizard

Note: The following are the recommended settings for CCCOnline courses but may vary based a specific course or college.

  • Click the Grades tool
  • In the Grades Area>Click Setup Wizard

  • Click the Start button in the lower right corner of the screen to start the wizard

  • Step 1- Grading System>Select Points>Click Continue

  • Step 2-Final Grade Released>Select Calculated Final Grade>Click Continue

  • Step 3-Grade Calculations>Select Treat Ungraded items as Zero>Verify that the Automatically keep final grade updated checkbox is selected>Click Continue

  • Step 4-Default Grade Scheme>Choose Percentage>Click Continue

  • Step 5-Manage View Display Options-input the number of decimal places you would like to show in the grade book>Click Continue

  • Step 6- Student View Display Options-Grade Detail: click the Points Grade checkbox & the Grade scheme symbol checkbox>Decimals Displayed: Set the number of decimal places you want displayed>Characters Displayed: set the value to 50>Final Grade Calculation: Check the Display final grade calculation to users checkbox>Click Continue

  • Step 7-Verify your Grades Setup Summary>Click Finish

Next, Set Personal Display Options?
Updating the personal display settings will allow instructors to see grades when the Grades area.

  • Click the Grades tool.

  • Click the page Settings located in the upper right side of the window.
  • From the Personal Display Options tab, Grade Details section>Click the Points Grade and Grade scheme symbol check boxes.

  • Choose other settings as desired. These settings affect ONLY your gradebook view.

  • When finished, click the Save button.


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