Scheduling a Room for a Webex Meeting

Scheduling Changes

  • Instead of navigating a web page to schedule your meeting, now simply add a room resource to your meeting in your Outlook calendar. This helps everyone view availability of conference rooms and provides quick access to reservations.

What do I need to do?

  • You can schedule a room using the new Cisco Webex Meetings , Outlook , or from Outlook Web Access (OWA) .

What is a Personal Meeting Room (PMR)?

  • Think of it as your conference room. You get your own easy-to-remember link that never changes. Your colleagues will always know where your meetings are being held. Meet instantly or copy your Personal Room Link to a Microsoft Outlook calendar invite. Personal Rooms make back-to-back meetings simple
    and you can manage your attendees through a lobby.

One Button to Push (OBTP)

  • OBTP is the standard method used for joining conference equipment into meetings. After scheduling a meeting using one of the Scheduling methods in the section below, your conference room will no longer be called, and the room will not need to auto-answer. Instead, a green button will be displayed on the conference room’s touch panel. When you are ready for the room to join your meeting, simply press the Join Meeting button. The look may change slightly between models, but the button will always be green.

Scheduling a Personal Meeting Room (PMR)

From Cisco Webex Meetings

  • From your Cisco WebEx Meetings program, click the calendar icon at the bottom and click the Schedule Meeting button at the upper left corner.

  • This will open a new calendar invite with your personal room information prepopulated. As the description states, do not modify the text as this is auto-populated in the body of your invite. Click Rooms to add your conference room.

  • For Windows select one (or more) conference room and click Rooms -> and OK. For macOS, enter our school name, highlight the room, and click Add to Meeting.

  • Click the Scheduling Assistant on Windows or Scheduling on macOS to view availability of the selected room.

  • Back on the appointment, you should see your room appear as an addressee and the location field may populate with the name of the room.
  • You can add other individuals in the To field for this invite at this point if you desire.

  • Verify the details of your calendar invite and click send

  • You should get an email acceptance provided you verified availability.

From Outlook in Windows

  • From Outlook navigate to your Calendar

  • Select your date and time from the calendar, right click, and click New Appointment.

  • Give your meeting a subject and click Invite Attendees on the ribbon.

  • Your meeting should now display the To: field as well as a button for Rooms. Click Rooms.

  • Select one (or more if necessary) conference room that will need to be part of the conference then click Rooms -> and OK.

  • Your meeting invite will update with the resource room in the To: field and the location will reflect the room as well.

  • If you would like to schedule a conference in your PMR you simply need to type @webex into the location field, or you can click the down arrow on your calendar plugin and select Add Personal Room.

  • If you add a PMR through the Webex addin your meeting will fill with the meeting information. Verify that everything looks good and click Send

  • You should get an email with an acceptance or a declination depending on if the room was available for your meeting time.

From Outlook on Mac

  • From Outlook, navigate to your calendar

  • Click Meeting

  • Type your subject and click the Address Book next to the Location field

  • Type in your school name to search for rooms, highlight the room you want, and click Add to Meeting at the bottom

  • Click the Add Personal Room button at the top right (you may need to select the drop down then Add Personal Room) or you can type @webex into the Location field of your invite

  • Verify your settings and click Send

From Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Open your browser of choice (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and navigate to owa.cccs.edu

  • Sign in with cccs\Snumber and your network password

  • In the lower left corner of your screen click Calendar

  • In the upper left corner of your screen click New or click the down arrow followed by Appointment

  • Give the meeting a subject and time and click Scheduling Assistance

  • Click Select Rooms and then More.

  • Search for your school name and select a room. On the right you can see the availability. Click Rooms -> to add the room to the meeting.

  • Once you’ve added the room you must click the check mark next to it.

  • Change the location to @webex, add any other participants to the meeting you would like, and enter your meeting details.

  • Once you have verified your meeting settings click Send


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