TurnitIn (TII) – FAQs

This article briefs a list of troubleshooting FAQs that may be helpful when setting up or administering your TII Assignment Folder settings.

Issue: Students submissions are not being processed through TII after the due date. Special access restrictions are being used.

Solution, PART I: If the Assignment folder due date has passed, update the Assignment folder End Date to a future date

  • Navigate to the desired Assignment >Click the action triangle to the right of the Assignment>Choose Edit Submission Folder>Click the Restrictions tab>Update theHas End Date field to a future date>Click Save and Close.

Solution, PART II: Check TII, More Options in Turnitin

  • Click Assignment>Click the Turnitin tab>Click the More Options in Turnitin button
  • Click Optional Settings>Go to Submission settings and verify that “Allow late submissions” is checked

  • In the Similarity Reportdropdown menu confirm that “Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date): After 3 resubmissions, reports generate after 24 hours” is chosen>Click Submit at the bottom of the window.

Issue: Students are reporting they are not able to see the GradeMark comments in the TII Document Viewer


Click the action triangle next to the Assignment>Click Edit Submission Folder>Click the Turnitin tab> Verify that Enable GradeMark® for this folder is checked


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