Using the Webex Web Interface

From the Webex Web interface, https://cccs-meetings.webex.com you can:

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Join a meeting
  • Run and control the meeting
  • Start a meeting in your Personal Meeting Room (PMR)
  • Accessing and downloading recorded meetings
  • Setting preferences

Logging into the Webex Web Interface

  • Enter your email address

  • Enter your S# (preceded by your domain) and password

  • The Webex Web interface is displayed

Scheduling a meeting

  • Click ‘Schedule a Meeting’

  • Enter the meeting topic, and then click the down arrow on the Date and time field to select the date and time for the meeting

  • Click ‘Done’ when finished

  • If this meeting is to be a recurring meeting, click the Recurrence checkbox

  • Enter attendee’s e-mail addresses, typing a comma or semicolon after each address. The selected addresses will appear below the entry field

  • Click ‘Schedule’ to schedule the meeting

  • A meeting summary screen will be displayed. You can review the meeting details and can start the meeting if it is time to do so.

  • You may also edit or cancel the meeting, or add the meeting to your calendar.

Joining a meeting

  • You can join a meeting in a number of ways, either by entering the meeting number or the host’s Personal Room ID, or by clicking on a personal room icon that will appear if you have visited that person’s room recently

Starting a meeting in your personal room

  • You may start a meeting in your personal room by clicking “Start Meeting”

  • Select whether you want to share your camera

  • Your personal room will appear. Meeting controls are located at the bottom of the screen in the new interface

Meeting controls

Accessing and downloading meeting recordings

  • To access and download recording of your meetings, click on ‘Recordings’

  • Click on the meeting name to start the recording

  • The recording will start to play

Setting preferences

  • Click on ‘Preferences’ to open the Preferences window. In the ‘General’ tab you may set your timezone, language and region

  • The ‘My Personal Room’ tab permits you to change the name of your personal room

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