YuJa – Creating / Editing /Streaming Recording & Videos & Orientation to the Dashboard

Creating and Editing Your Videos

Orientation to the YuJa dashboard

  • Navigate to a course where you will be using YuJa. If you do not see YuJa listed in the course navigation, please contact at-support@ccconline.org

  • Clicking on this link will open the YuJa dashboard within the D2L course window

  • Orientation to the YuJa dashboard
    • Left pane: Media Library
    • Personal:
    • My Media – this is where materials you upload or record are stored
    • Shared with Me – this is where items that others share will show up
    • Everything
    • The EnterpriseTube, accessible to everyone without logging in.
    • The Internal Library, accessible to logged in users with role-based permissions.
    • All Channels, course- or group-aligned content, accessible to users and content owners in the course or group, as well as all IT Managers
    • Top Navigation
    • Center links
    • View channels – another view of the channels available
    • Create Recording: clicking this link will open a popup window that will allow you to start a capture in YuJa Software Station (will allow download if the software is not installed)
    • Upload & Manage: this option will take you to the screen where you can upload other materials to YuJa and manage existing items.
    • Links on right
    • The icon of a person in a circle is where you can access information about your account; this menu also contains a link to YuJa support (with options to call, email, message or view documentation.)
    • The square with an arrow will open the YuJa dashboard in a new tab (without the D2L frame)
    • The bell is where you will find any notifications
    • The square of smaller squares menu has links to a YuJa discussion feed, usage and analytics data for your videos and tools to manage courses and groups, if you have permission to do so
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